Project Submission Form



The Project Submission Form is best for projects that will be sent to our industrial printers and for research/senior design teams that only require one or two prints on our Dremel or Ultimaker printers.

3DPrinterOS is best for projects that need to be printed on our Dremel 3D45s or Ultimaker S5. It also allows for the maximum amount of control over prints.

If you are interested in learning to use 3DPrinterOS, email us to schedule an appointment.

Please note any prints that violate copyright laws, resemble weapons or explicit content, or are not made by the student will not be printed. Regardless of your submission method, your parts will be reviewed prior to printing.

Once printed, your completed part can be found on our Finished Parts Table immediately on your right when you enter the Cube. Parts are able to be picked up any time the Cube is open.

If the following form is not functioning correctly, please first try this link. If you continue to experience issues, please fill out this PDF and send it to