About the 3D Prototyping Lab

The College of Engineering set up the UA 3D Prototyping Lab to better prepare students for the sorts of environments they will see when entering the work force and help them develop the skills critical in getting products to market.


Any student, staff or faculty member on campus can use the lab’s three printers by submitting a design.

The lab is managed full time by students from within The University of Alabama with oversight from a staff technician and member of the engineering faculty. The staff controls the printing process to maximize the use of the printers.

Staff can:

  • Take a ready-made drawing, make any necessary modifications and place it in a printer’s queue
  • Draw an idea or help with a drawing to create a file for printing

Drawings will be checked against images from the Internet to ensure there is no copyright or restriction. Users are asked to modify downloaded files to ensure they are original.